Good Boy Ltd.
UK Company number: 11799131
UK VAT number: 316579971

Our Offices

United Kingdom

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

South Africa

23 Nyala Avenue, Theresapark, Pretoria, South Africa, 0155


1 Zinzendorfstrasse, Kleinwelka, Bautzen, Germany, 02625


The Team


Henning has been in the Digital Product marketing business for over 15 Years, winning various awards along the way.  He has held management and director positions all over the world, and is now heading up Good Boy as founder and CEO.  He just looks like a Bulldog, but he's actually very friendly.  With a background in Graphic Design, Marketing, Product Development, Operations and more, Henning is uniquely suited to help your business and products reach the Audience it deserves. 

In short, he has seen it all and has done twice as much.


Marisa has 15 years of experience in Fine Arts, Customer facing management, Administration and more.  Her love for knuckling down and getting hard work done, is only a close second to a big cup of coffee and Swedish crime thrillers.  Being the backbone of various companies with her amazing attitude and kindness, there is not a heart that does not melt when you work with her. 

Marisa's artistic eye and boundless talent gives her unique insight into how your Products can grow and flourish as they should.


Good Boy has a network of Freelancers which range from Media Buyers, designers, developers, operations and many more.  We have a digital nomad policy and our people are global citizens. 

But whatever you need, we are sure that one of our many freelancers can guide you to a variety of competitive solutions. 

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