Revenue Share Marketing

Digital marketing can be a tricky business these days.  Product developers and offer owners have lost the in-house ability to effectively market since the advent of CPA affiliates and as such have lost control of how their message is displayed in the world.  Added to that, there is a surge of unregulated ads being displayed, fraudulent conversions and general bad practices.

We are looking to change this.  The marketing philosophy of 'Good Boy' is reflected in the company name.  We seek to only deal with above-board products, and we share in full transparency how we market those offers.  At Good Boy, we act as if the product is ours and sit with your developers, marketing managers and designers to come up with the perfect strategy to dominate the market. 

Added to that, we employ a Rev Share model - which means we suffer the same goods and ills of your own business - it will never be in our benefit to defraud you, pass your product on to an unknown end-point or use marketing material that is not approved and drives your churn up.  Our whole business is geared towards understanding the pains of your business and coming up with effective marketing solutions.


If you are a business, struggling to acquire new users, and the CPA model has let you down, make contact with us and we can discuss how our services can benefit you. 


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