The Good Boy new Apps / Games Initiative 

Every so often something beautiful is developed by some very talented guys and gals which never sees the light of day.  These Apps, games or products are painstakingly built in basements, after hours or when the boss is not looking on a work PC without ever seeing the light of day.  Or even if they are launched, they never see the traction, marketing or exposure they so richly deserve.  This can happen because of lack of resources, advertising budget, marketing knowledge or a whole lot of different factors.

This is the worst case scenario, as the world is continuously robbed of potentially groundbreaking new products, games or services.  As such, the Good Boy AGI is a place where we try and help bring these sort of opportunities to light and help where there is help needed.  We will endeavour to select from 4 - 12 of these projects a year and help with the launch of these projects or broaden their footprint.

To submit your App / Game / Service to the considered as an AGI project, please fill in the form below and send us as much detail as possible.  We will then contact you to assess the opportunity, find out the details and then potentially select you to be one of our Flagship projects for this year.